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Bitcoin Gift cards

Product Description

The Bitcoin Gift Card is the easy way to gift and buy Bitcoin! Bitcoin is increasingly popular as both a trading currency and as a saving tool, with the aspiration of greater value over time. Bitcoin makes a great gift for friends and relatives - whether it’s for birthdays, holidays, to celebrate marriage or the birth of children. The Bitcoin Gift Card is also perfect if you want to buy Bitcoin for yourself!

When you buy a Bitcoin Gift Card, you are loading the dollar value onto the card. The dollars are redeemed for Bitcoin when your recipient visits our website http://mybitcards.com/ and purchases Bitcoin at the applicable exchange rate.

Terms and Conditions

Transfers may not exceed $500 per card or $2,500 per customer per day for B2C sales and may not exceed $1,000 per card or $2,500 per customer per day for B2B sales. Minimum card values are $25. This card can only be used to redeem Bitcoin through our website, not for cash. There is no guarantee of Bitcoin’s price as it can fluctuate from day to day. Transactions cannot be reversed or refunded. This card has no transaction fees, is non-reloadable, and lost cards will not be replaced. Protect this card like it is cash. This card never expires. Issued by: Bitcoin Solutions, Inc. 40 South 5th St., Allentown PA 18101. All rights reserved. For balance inquiries, contact us at [email protected]; or phone # 1-800-649-3456

Use of this Card is subject to the Terms & Conditions from our website,  www.mybitcards.com    .

Attention customer: Mybitcards.com™ is registered as a FinCEN Money Service Business. At this time, due to Money Transmission License requirements, customers from Alabama, Connecticut, New York, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, and Wyoming may not use our Services. Treat your card like you would treat cash. Beware that the price of Bitcoin can fluctuate.

Note: The above States require a Money Transmission License. Bitcoin Solutions is in the process of applying for each license but there are no guidelines on the timescales for successful applications.


Bitcoin Gift cards